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We'd love to have you dial in for a screening webinar

This article was originally published on the Public Health England screening blog.Both the UK National Screening Committee (UK NSC) and Public Health ..

This article was originally published on the Public Health England screening blog.

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Both the UK National Screening Committee (UK NSC) and Public Health England (PHE) are committed to be being organisations that work in an open and collaborative way. This means it's important that we have ways of telling people what we're up to, listening to good ideas and answering any questions about our work.

We used to run an annual conference for people interested in the work of the UK NSC. After a few years, however, we were getting very little interest in these so made the difficult decision last year to stop them. But we want to fill the gap with other ways of communicating with people.

So we're considering trying out a new approach.

Rather than face-to-face events, which are expensive and time-consuming to organise, we thought we'd try online webinars. This would mean that people could visit a website at a pre-arranged time to hear a UK NSC or PHE Screening colleague make a presentation on a particular topic. There would then be time for questions and discussion. The whole thing would take no longer than an hour.

The benefits of webinars are that:

  • they would be focused on just one topic so you would not need to sit through information that wasn't relevant
  • as they're online, you could take part wherever you are without needing to travel
  • recordings of the webinar could be made available afterwards to anyone who couldn't dial in
  • if they're successful, we could organise them more frequently than the previous events took place

But before we go ahead an organise a pilot webinar, we'd like to check whether you think it's a good idea. And get your views on a good topic to start with. If there's enough interest, we'd probably organise the first webinar around xxxx.

Initial topic ideas include:

  • progress with the PHE Screening inequalities strategy a year after it launched
  • the UK NSC's approach to reviewing the evidence on screening for rare conditions
  • cervical screening uptake
  • making screening better for trans people
  • an introduction to population screening
  • Prof Bob Steele on the UK NSC's priorities for the next 2 years

Please complete our 30-second survey by xxxx to tell us what you think.

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By: Nick Johnstone-Waddell
Title: Tell us if you'd dial into a screening webinar
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