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Work From Home Wardrobe Capsule

Work From Home Wardrobe CapsuleFor me, working from home is a dream. I get so much time back into my life without the commute, lunch packing, meal..

work from home wardrobe capsule

Work From Home Wardrobe Capsule

For me, working from home is a dream. I get so much time back into my life without the commute, lunch packing, meal planning, outfit planning, daycare coordination, etc. All that time adds up! Enough about me, what do you love most about working from home? One of my favorite things is having a flexible wardrobe. This work from home wardrobe capsule is perfect!

Today I am sharing a mini capsule for your stay-at-home workwear. These 9 pieces can make 27 outfits!

Read through to the end where I share my #1 money saving tip!

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What is a Capsule

If you are new to the idea of a capsule wardrobe, welcome, you will love it! A capsule wardrobe utilizes a small number of items to create several outfits. A capsule, like this, is the perfect work from home wardrobe solution because you will get dressed quicker each morning. This allows you to focus more time on self-care (sleeping in!) or get to work sooner!

If you work a hybrid work schedule, with part of your work week spent in the office, you can easily incorporate these pieces into your looks for the office!

Save Money

The biggest advantage to a capsule wardrobe is that you save money! By only wearing items in the capsule, you do not need to buy extra pieces to fill in your wardrobe gaps. Ideally, the capsule includes quality items, they can be worn for several seasons. This saves even more money. Finally, all pieces in a capsule coordinate together to create several outfits.

**TIP: Shop your closet first, you may already own similar pieces. This can save you even more money!

The Work From Home Wardrobe Capsule

Below are 9 pieces that will create at least 27 outfits. I consider this Winter wear, although several pieces can be work in Spring and Fall as well. Below the image are shoppable links to the products shown. Don’t forget to shop your closet first (you may already have similar pieces!)

Work From Home Wardrobe

Cardigan  //  Blazer  //  Sweater  //  Stripe Top  //  Turtleneck  //  Joggers  //  Ribbed Pant  //  Jeans  //  Slipper Mules  //  Scarf  //  Necklace


The accessories included here are simple and intended to elevate your look.

The scarf can be worn a few ways: around your neck, as a head band, or ties around a chic bun.

These mules will keep your feet warm and are a great addition to your shoe wardrobe!

This necklace adds a little bit of shine to your video conference meetings!

Extend the use of this WFH Wardrobe Capsule

Wear these pieces on the weekend, they are the perfect casual and classy looks for relaxing and hanging out. Whether hanging out at home or out to dinner, with over 20 outfits, you are sure to find an outfit for your casual weekend event.

*TIP: Need to dress it up? Add heels or more jewelry!

Staple Pieces

A good capsule wardrobe has several staple wardrobe items. Staple wardrobe items are the foundation to a great closet. This is my secret weapon to saving money on clothing. It is about buying quality over quantity, with the goal to extend the wear of each piece in your closet.

Work From Home Wardrobe Capsule Outfits

Use this visual to easily create outfits from this capsule. Below are some of my favorite looks from this capsule.


work from home capsule

work from home wardrobe capsule


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