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For the holidays, travel capsule wardrobe

Hi! We are nearing the end of November, which makes me excited to look ahead to December and all of the holiday things that come along with that! The ..


Hi! We are nearing the end of November, which makes me excited to look ahead to December and all of the holiday things that come along with that! The last week of November is super special for me, with my son’s birthday and Thanksgiving. So I am trying extra hard not to overlook this time. BUT! My mind has been on Christmas and New Year’s. We have never had to travel out of town for the holiday, but I know a lot of you do. I wanted to put together a little travel capsule wardrobe for the holidays to make your packing a breeze!

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Do you travel for the holidays? Do you often overpack? Two of my favorite things about travelling is planning the trip itself and packing. I am so passionate about being a “carry-on only” traveler. The LAST thing I want to do is stand around waiting for my checked bag to get unloaded off the plane with hundreds of other passenger’s bags. Also, one of my greatest fears is losing my luggage and having to waste precious vacation time replacing lost items. This is why I will always pack a capsule wardrobe.

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Holiday Travel Capsule – 12 pieces, 15 outfits

What’s Included in the Capsule

This travel capsule wardrobe for the holidays includes 12 pieces, that can be worn into 15 different outfits. This is intended for a holiday trip full of casual get togethers with family or friends. If you do have a formal event to attend, I would suggest packing a dress that can be worn with the black boots or flats that are included in the capsule. You could also take a black sweater, instead of the camel sweater and statement jewelry to dress up some of the outfits. If you are travelling for an extended trip, plan on washing a few pieces to freshen up mid-trip.

The key to a functional capsule wardrobe, that will allow several outfits, is to incorporate pieces that are neutral colors only. Think of colors that mix and match well, such as black, white, beige, gray. Using a neutral color palette, allows you to create versatile outfits. Below are the items I chose for this travel capsule.

White Thermal  //  Camel Sweater  //  Beige Cardigan  //  Gray Mock Neck  //  Striped Turtleneck  //  Packable Jacket  //  Faux Leather Legging  //  Relaxed Jeans  //  Skinny Jeans  //  Warm Boots  //  Flats  //  Black Boots 



What’s NOT included in the capsule

It is important to note that this is not an all-inclusive packing list. You will still need to pack toiletries, undergarments, pajamas, socks, electronic devices, and other necessities. I recommend packing all clothing items in a suitcase to store in the overhead compartment. If you have room to spare, a hair tool (hair dryer, curling iron, or straightener) can be packed in the suitcase as well.

*TIP: if staying in a hotel or airbnb, check to see if a hair dryer is provided. This is a must for me personally because I don’t like to pack a bulky hairdryer. Also, to save extra space, pack only travel size liquids that are a necessity. If you run out of liquid toiletries (shampoo/conditioners, toothpaste, etc.), check with the host/front desk to see if they can provide extra or pick it up at a local shop.




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