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Benefits of a Silk Pillowcase

Did you know that the average person will spend about one third of their life sleeping? That is a lot of sleep! It is also likely that most of that..


Did you know that the average person will spend about one third of their life sleeping? That is a lot of sleep! It is also likely that most of that sleep is spent on a standard cotton pillowcase. For me, I never thought twice about my cotton pillowcase, until now! Today I want to share the top benefits of a silk pillowcase and why I switched.

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The harsh truth

While cotton is comfortable and soft, silk is much smoother and luxurious! I never associated cotton with the word “abrasive” before, but now I do! Stop and think about the actual feel and texture of cotton and silk. They are very different, right?!

Laying on a cotton pillowcase all night, every night is so much more abrasive to your delicate facial skin and hair, as compared to silk. This abrasiveness enhances creases on our face each night (talking to you, side sleepers), potentially leading to long-term wrinkles. No, thanks! Not to mention the impact on our hair, such as frizz, breakage, and tangles. Also, if you find yourself waking up to dry skin in the morning, it could be because of your cotton pillowcase.

Switching to a silk pillowcase can help solve some, or maybe all, of these problems!

Problem Solved!

When I started researching silk pillowcases, I was sold on the potential anti-aging effects that could happen WHILE I SLEEP. Call me lazy, but there is zero effort involved in this simple beauty routine hack, and I am all for it!

All I have to do is sleep on this super silky pillow and my hair and skin will look better? Yes, please!!

Cost effective addition to your skin and hair routine

Now, I know what you’re thinking, silk is expensive! So let’s talk about the cost right now. The highest quality silk pillowcases are not cheap by any means, they are an investment. However, they will last a long time while providing many benefits.

To bring some more perspective to the cost… Think about how much you spend on that fancy designer anti-wrinkle cream. Or how about that teeny tiny jar of hair oil that is “worth every penny”. Both have to be replaced every few months. There’s nothing wrong with these things, we all have these items and LOVE them because of the long term benefits they bring to our skin and hair. Same concept should be applied to your pillowcase. What I love most is that this one-time purchase is beneficial to both skin and hair. Getting a lot of bang for your buck!

Skin benefits

  • Hypoallergenic – Endorsed by dermatologists, silk is 100% natural & hypoallergenic material, making it suitable for most skin types, even some sensitive skin.
  • Enhances current skincare routine – Silk is less absorbent than cotton, therefore with a silk pillowcase (or eye mask), your face creams will not absorb into the fabric as it would with cotton.
  • Hydrating – Skin will retain more of its natural oils that would otherwise be absorbed by other fabrics.
  • Anti-crease – This is a big one for me since I am a side sleeper!! The texture of silk causes less friction between your skin and fabric, thus helping to reduces creases on your skin overnight.

Hair Benefits

  • Smoother locks – Tossing and turning on cotton is harsh for your hair! Silk’s smooth texture can lead to less breakage and prevent damage.
  • Less frizz – Sleeping on silk will promote healthier looking hair and help tame the extra frizz that can pop up overnight.
  • Promotes shine – Helps hair retain more natural oils, just like skin, that would otherwise be absorbed by other fabric.
  • While we are talking about hair, you should also consider switching to silk scrunchies. Not only are they cute, but they’re also better for your hair.
    • Think about your standard hair tie that’s been around for years. It tugs and pulls on your precious hair, creates creases, and promotes breakoffs. Silk scrunchies are gentler and have all the great hair benefits listed above. Here are two great options: Large Silk scrunchie and Small Silk scrunchie 6 pack $40

Added Benefit

  • Better sleep. Silk has natural temperature-regulating properties that give it the ability to both cool and warm body temp. Silk is truly an all-climate fabric. They keep you comfortably cool in the summer and cozy warm in the winter.

What to look for in a silk pillowcase

  • 100% Mulberry Silk – this is the highest quality.
    • Mulberry comes from a silkworm, whose diet is exclusively leaves from a Mulberry tree. Mulberry silk threads are said to be some of the best on Earth; being smoother and stronger than others.
  • Grade
    • Silk quality is graded A, B, or C. Grade A is the highest quality and is also very pure. The grade scale is further broken down by numbers 2-6. 6 being the best. Therefore, silk that has a grade of 6A will be the highest and finest quality.
  • Momme
    • No thread count is involved with silk, rather, it is measured by Momme. The highest Momme is a 30, which is thicker yarn and tighter weave, providing an ultra-luxurious silk. I’ve read that anything with a momme of 19 or higher is preferred for quality.
    • If a product does not list the Momme, be cautious, it may not be real silk!
  • Zippered or Envelope Closure
    • to ensure the case stays on the pillow throughout the night
  • Size
    • confirm the case will fit your pillow. Most pillows are standard but some are queen or king (we have nectar pillows and I ordered queen size)
      • King size : 20”x36”
      • Queen: 20”x30”
      • Standard: 20”x26”


Cleaning your silk pillowcase

  • Always follow the care instructions listed on your pillowcase
  • Generally speaking, silk should be hand washed in cold water and dried flat
  • Where machine washing is allowed (check the product tag for care instructions)

Summary of Silk Pillowcase Benefits 

  1. Hypoallergenic
  2. Hydrating for skin and Hair
  3. Prevents split ends & tangles
  4. Prevents wrinkles
  5. Temperature Regulating


  1. Budget Friendly – Amazon Basics 19 Momme, machine washable, 100% Mulberry Silk
  2. What I bought: Blissy Silk Pillowcase – 22-momme Grade 6A, machine washable (40% off at the time of writing this)
  3. Another great option: Fishers Finery 25Momme single case $50
  4. 30 Momme: Fishers Finery 30 Momme 2 pack $120

Silk Gift Sets (image below)

  • Blissy Set  pillow case, large & small scrunchie, and eyemask
  • Slip Scrunchi Bauble – so cute!
  • Slip Mask and scrunchie – Love the polka dots!

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