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How can DINKS make friends?

When you’re in college, finding friends is easy because you’re in the same place and the same stage of life. However, if you choose to be DINKS,..


How Can DINKS Find Friends?

When you’re in college, finding friends is easy because you’re in the same place and the same stage of life. However, if you choose to be DINKS, after your later twenties, you may find that your core group of friends is no longer as available to do things with because they now have children. Sure, you can still go out with them sometimes, but they likely don’t have the same open schedule you do because they have to consider hiring babysitters and attending kids’ activities. How can DINKS find friends?

You still can find DINKS friends, but you might have to work a little harder and look in more locations.

How Can DINKS Find Friends?

The easiest way to find friends is to look where you’re already interacting with people and to join groups.

At Work

When I was a teacher at a college, my husband and I found our friends through my job. Of the 10 full-time faculty in my department, four were DINKS. We frequently went out with them and enjoyed book readings, dining out, and attending plays.

Unfortunately, if you leave your job, you may find that the friendships gradually dissolve. That happened to us when I left my job. We only keep in sporadic contact with one of the couples. Work friends are often friends of convenience, and when you no longer see them day to day, the relationships may end.

You may find some workplaces are full of DINKS, but that largely depends on the field in which you work. If you can’t find friends at work, you can look other places.

Join Sports Groups

How DINKS Can Make Friends

Consider joining some sports groups or outdoor activity groups to find friends. My friend moved to a new state in her mid-twenties and joined an outdoor club. Not only did she meet her future husband there, but she and her husband have a large group of DINK friends from the club.

Because you meet with club members frequently, friendships can grow slowly. The friendships are sustained because you’re continually involved in an activity that you share in common.

Join Clubs

Another option is to join clubs. You may join a book club or a theater group. Volunteering is also a good option to explore. You could volunteer for Habitat for Humanity or to teach people English. What groups you join depend on your interests and the type of people with which you want to surround yourself.

How to Find Clubs to Join

Where can you find clubs and sports groups to join? Try looking at these places:

In Your Community’s Facebook or Web Page

Start first at your city’s webpage or Facebook group. You can also look up things to do in your city. You will likely find recurring events and clubs to join that way.

Meetup allows you to search for groups and clubs in your area by city and interest. When my husband and I moved cross country, Meetup was essential to find new things to do and new friends.

Final Thoughts

Finding DINKS friends can be challenging, but not impossible. Follow these steps, and hopefully, soon you’ll be hanging out with some new people who share your interests.

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