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Check out these apps that allow you to sell your data

This posting is basically a list of apps that let you sell your data.  I’d been looking around for a list like this for a while, but I couldn’t find..


list of apps that let you sell your data
This posting is basically a list of apps that let you sell your data.  I’d been looking around for a list like this for a while, but I couldn’t find one, So after endless hours of internet searches, I opted to just make one for those who might be looking.

About The List

All the apps in this list are designed for the iphone or Windows desktop/laptop and actually work.  By work, I mean their technology stack is functional, their smartphone apps work as advertised and the applications pay as promised.  They’re also all passive.  By passive, I mean once set up, they don’t require a whole lot of ongoing work.

All of these basically have the same value proposition.  You’re providing your personal information, and the company or organization behind the app aggregates it and sells it.  Their customers are typically big retailers, who want to use it to sell you more stuff.  If this is a turn off, I’ve got news for you.  Big tech is already doing it.  So if you have an account with Facebook, Google, Twitter or Netflix, your data is getting sold anyways – you’re just not getting a cut.

So, here is the list of apps that let you sell your data.  I’ve tried all of them. This list is based on my personal experience.


I like invisibly.  They’re a straight up, sell your data for a small amount of money type company.  What you do is create an account, let them monitor your spending and social media transactions.  Then, they bundle your data and sell it, then give you a cut of the sale.  You install it on your desktop.  Payout is via Paypal once you get to $5.  So far I’ve made about $3 per month with them. Their payment is based on how often they sell your data, so you have to check every few weeks.  That said, its basically set it and forget it. Then check back 6 weeks later and collect.


Next on the list of apps that help you sell your data is Reklaim. Reklaim is an interesting and scrappy little growth company.  They’re a publicly traded penny stock, right now their shares go for under thirty US and Canadian cents  (here).  But, they’re making a lot of good moves.  How their model works is, you give them access to your spending history, your demographic profile, your smartphone data and your purchase history, and you get 100 points per week – once your account hits 1,000 points, you can take the reward in cash or crypto.

Nielson Opinion Rewards

Nielson Opinion Rewards is in this list of apps that let you sell your data because this is a classic well designed, and robust platform.   The guys at Nielson have got the onboarding process pretty well ironed out, and it pays reliably via Paypal.  It takes a bit of doing to get the software installed on your phone – but once its on, the software works well.  You’ll get about $5 every couple of months.  Pays via Paypal.


This is actually isn’t a smartphone application, but I’m including it here because it works and it pays. You install it on your laptop/desktop browser and you get points each day you visit social media.  Upvoice awards 20 points per day, per social media platform.  You can then select gift cards if you want to get paid. It nets out to something like $3 per month. Pays you in Amazon or other gift cards.


tapestri earnings alert

Tapestri is an app owned by Chicago company Complemetrics.  The app basically uses your phone to generate movement data about you, then Complementics sells the anonmyzed data to brands, hedge funds and advertising agencies.

Tapestri has been paying me about 16 cents a day.  It’s not huge money maker, but since you’re basically trading your location data for money, it’s a fair deal.  They also send you emails every time you earn – it’s a small amount of cash, but hey, nothing like an email saying, “Hey, you’ve got money”.  You’re looking at roughly 4 to 5 bucks per month.  They pay via Stripe when your balance reaches $10.


This is an interesting outfit.  They’re not a company at all, rather Swash is a data union.  A data union is basically is a way of pooling data between various parties and collectively monetizing it.  How Swash works is you install a browser extension and let it read your browsing history, then you get paid in Swash tokens  I’ve had it installed for a couple of months and am making like 3 units of swash per month.  This is pretty much no money at all – a Swash unit is worth about 8 cents.  That said, its better than nothing and it costs nothing to install and run.


Tartle is another interesting data union  Its the brain child of Alexander Ramsay McCaig (Linkedin) and, like Swash, its not a company rather its a data union.  The model works like this:

You upload a bunch of information on Tartle’s platform.  Then Tartle bundles your data and pays you whenever they’re able to make a sale.  There are issues with the notifications and set up.  And their marketing and operations also need improvement.  That said, it’s a good idea, but I think they’re new and have limitations on their labor power.  Tartle also has a super low payout – like 2 cents for a series of 10 to 20 questions.  My account balance is at a buck seventeen.

These Only Work If You’re Online

You have to generate data to get paid for it.  That means you pretty have to live on the internet.  In this list of apps that let you sell your data, you’re only getting paid if you’re actively using data on the web, or buying stuff. So if you live off the grid and exclusively use cash, these apps are probably not going to help you.

Small Amounts Add Up Over Time

You might be thinking; so what? These apps pay nothing, it’s not worth my time.  Even running all of these on your phone and desktop/laptop is going to bring in just between $15 to $20 cash per month.  Factoring in inflation, that’s not much these days.

But, if you get your act together, and the income on the market or sock it into your savings, it does add up.  Your five year return looks like this:

Here is what the five year saving trajectory looks like:

Here is what the amount would like if you invested in stocks or bonds and got 7% annualized returns.

Both charts assume you’ll start with $15, get $15 each month and compound it over 5 years.  They also assume savings account interest rates at .10, investing account interest rates at 7%.  The bottom line is that consistently selling your data can add up to bigger things over time.

Even if the app doesn’t pay you in US dollars, it’s still to your benefit.  For example, if you get credit at Amazon you can use it to offset your grocery bills.  Or, if the app pays you in cryptocurrency you can use that to build your wealth.

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